University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Proposing original Interactive Kinetic Sculpture(s)  for the triangle grass areas to the north of the New Biological Sciences Building

Incorporating movement and visual elements that can be seen in these works:

Green Full edit.jpg

Green Seeker, Lincoln Park, Greeley, CO

These are large scale outdoor kinetic artworks on a natural theme.  All with bright colors and elements of delight and whimsy.  

IMG_2636edit (2).jpg

Taking Flight at Denver Public Schools

John King photo (2).JPG

John and Blue Tree at Riverhouse Studios

photo 2 (3).JPG

Dancers, Sprites, Seekers, Trees, Sky Catchers.  All based on different movement systems with different characters and natures.


Snap Dragon at Cornerstone Park, Littleton, CO

Sloans Tree

Sky Writing II

Tangerine Seeker in Red Dawn..

Star Catcher

Sky Writing 1 at Riverhouse

Cloud Castles

Orchard Sprite

Blue Tree at International Kinetic Art Show

Whitestown, Indiana. Kinetic Town Sculptures

Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

Sun Moon Stars Windvane

Sun Moon Stars Windvane

IMG_3912edit2 copy.jpg

Lollipop Tree


John Is one of 12 national kinetic artists exhibiting at the Overland Park Kansas Whirlwind Art Show next summer.  That's his piece on the poster!


Whitestown Logo with train, clock tower, knife and fork, building looking like shopping bag, stars in the air, smiling buildings,   eclectic, fun, contemporary, Going places.

Sky Writing I at Riverhouse Studios

Movement From Balance

 Butterfly Tree

Soaring Bird

Tangerine Glider

Gecko in Lyons

Rising Dancer II at Riverhouse Studios

Rising Dancer II at Riverhouse Studios